Mar 17, 2017

Data Transfer Settings When Changing Devices

"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links" allows players lớn transfer game data between devices. To transfer the data, you must use a KONAXiaoMI ID.

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Please follow the instructions below when transferring data from di động device to sản phẩm điện thoại device, & between PC and a sản phẩm điện thoại device.

Step 1: Registering your game data

1. Go to lớn the "Help/Etc." thực đơn by tapping on the wheel inhỏ in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. In the "Help/Etc." thực đơn, select "Data Transfer Settings."
2. Select "Data Transfer with KONAXiaoMI ID"

If you are using a Smartphone device, you can also transfer the data from "Data Transfer" -> "Transfer data lớn another device" through trò chơi Center or Google Play Games. To transfer the data, you need to advance through the game.

3. If you bởi vì not have sầu a KONAXiaoMi MI ID, please select "Generate KONAXiaoMI ID." If you already have sầu one, you can complete data transfer by logging in.
4. After filling in the required fields, agree to lớn the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by checking the box at the bottom.
5. Complete data transfer thiết lập by entering the 6-digit confirmation code sent lớn your e-mail address.
6. Go bachồng to lớn the game và if you see the following screen, the setting is completed.
The confirmation code will expire 60 minutes after the e-mail is sent. Please have sầu an active e-mail address prepared. If you cannot receive the confirmation code on your phone, please make sure that the domain "
konamày.net" is not blocked.If you vày not rethành viên the e-mail address, you cannot proceed with the data transfer.Your 9-digit Duemenu ID (e.g. 123-456-789) is not your vantaiduongviet.vn ID (Apart from your Duedanh sách ID, you must create KONAXiaoMI ID using your e-mail address).

Step 2: Transferring data to lớn a new device

1. Install "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links" to lớn the new device.2. Select "Data Transfer" from the title page and then select "Transfer data from another device."

The “Transfer data to lớn another device” button may not appear depending on player’s playing environment & how much players have sầu progressed in the game.If your tài khoản has already phối up Data Transfer via your sản phẩm điện thoại device, you can also complete the data transferring from “Transfer data with trò chơi Center/Google Play Games” button.

3. Enter your KONAXiaoMi MI ID and password at the Login page to complete data transfer.

Data Transfer FAQ

I forgot my KONAXiaoMi MI ID password.

If you can receive sầu e-mails with your registered e-mail address, please rephối your password.

1. Go to the KONAXiaoMi MI ID Login page from the game: Settings -> "Data Transfer Settings" -> "Data Transfer with KONAXiaoMI ID"

2. Select "Forgot your password?" và fill in your e-mail address, enter the visual verification code, and cliông xã next.In the case of receiving the message from a sản phẩm điện thoại device, please make sure that the tên miền "
vantaiduongviet.vn.net" is not blocked.

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If you cannot use the registered e-mail address, the above sầu method is not available. Please check that the e-mail address is active before reregistering the data transfer settings.

I can no longer use the e-mail address that I used for creating vantaiduongviet.vn ID.

Even if you cannot use your e-mail address, transferring data between devices is possible. After you complete data transfer, be sure khổng lồ set up data transfer again with an active e-mail address.

Will data transfer settings expire?

Your data transfer settings bởi vì not expire.

If I transfer data once, will my settings be deleted?

No, your settings will not be deleted after data transfer. Your settings can be used again in the future.

Can I recover my tài khoản if I forgot my e-mail address for KONAXiaoMI ID or lost/damaged my device before setting up data transfer?

Please liên hệ us through the data recovery inquiry in the ứng dụng.

Start "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links" with a new trương mục và contact us via "Liên hệ Us" -> "Submit Player Data Recovery Inquiry."

The above content is for players who have sầu newly created/registered a KONAXiaoMI ID with the phầm mềm. If you already have sầu a KONAXiaoMI ID with data transfer phối up, please tương tác us via "My vantaiduongviet.vn" on the website site.

Mar 17, 2017

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