Phim Khu Vườn Thiên Đàng

Haunted by a shadowy past, the wife of a rising star in Amsterdam's mayoral office finds herself drawn inkhổng lồ the city’s underworld of sex & drugs.

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Struggling to raise a rebellious daughter and be a good wife to lớn her ambitious husb&, Xandra reconnects with a friover — và rediscovers a talent.


A disappearance puts Xandra in a tough spot, but Bliss shows that she has a talent for the business. Michiel tries to take control of the narrative sầu.


Lulu bonds with Syl, và Xandra gets pulled deeper into Ralph’s enterprise. Michiel makes a shocking discovery while sinister forces cđại bại in.


A frantic Xandra turns to Ralph as the police cleanup hits a wall. After a fight with her mother, Lulu runs lớn Syl. Michiel goes mole-hunting.

The secrets and lies lead lớn a fiery face-off. Xandra tries lớn use her leverage with Ralph, but he asks for everything in return. Syl tutors Lulu.

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On a work trip, Xandra opens up to lớn Lulu, yet even in dreamy Croatia, old habits die hard. Anne and Janna reveal fragile hopes & grand designs.

Furious to lớn find Michiel meeting with Syl, Xandra spirals out of control. Lulu’s flirtation heats up, while an innocent gets caught in the crossfire.

Michiel learns that he should be careful what he wishes for. Syl comes calling, Lulu reconnects, and Xandra teams up with Marieke for an elite fete.

Syl shares her favorite pastime with Lulu, & the mob war shakes Xandra. Ralph coolly strikes baông chồng, & the door lớn a gilded cage slams shut.

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Tables turn as Yassin uses Michiel khổng lồ get Syl, Xandra taps Naomày lớn find Lulu, and Bibi embraces danger. The final showdown will change everything.

Karina SmuldersSusan RadderHilde Van MieghemThijs RömerMatteo van der GrijnDaphne WellensSteef de BotIsis CaboletDragan BakemaSaman AminiRoeland FernhoutAnne-Laure Vandeputte

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