How To Fix 'Windows Has Recovered From An Unexpected Shutdown' Error?

Summary: There are instances when your computer shuts down suddenly with a prompt message that says, Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. This blog explores the different causes and applicable fixes lớn the error. The error is often accompanied by loss of data, which you can recover by using a software lượt thích Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows. Download the software from the button below.

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System errors are an unfortunate part of the Windows 10 experience. It is not uncommon for Windows users to encounter one or another error from time khổng lồ time. One such error is Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. This error can occur abruptly & disrupt your work.

To prevent that, you must fix the error, and this blog will help you achieve the same.

Let us first look at the causes of the error & explore the possible resolutions:

Causes of “Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown” error

1) Corrupt Driver: When Windows Vista was launched in 2007, people discovered it was prone khổng lồ crashes. Microsoft traced these frequent crashes lớn faulty drivers. Although Windows 10 is a much more stable OS than Vista, the error is still not uncommon.A faulty/corrupt driver can cause the operating system lớn malfunction & trigger the error Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown.

2) Application error: Application errors are another common cause of the error that can cause the operating system lớn shut down.

3) Power nguồn surges: Fluctuations in power can also trigger this error.

Overall, the causes can be both hardware/software related. Let us explore both the quiông xã và detailed fixes that can help you resolve the error:

Method A: Disable Incorrect Driver

As described earlier, an incompatible driver can be a significant cause of Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown error. To fix this, you must disable incorrect drivers by initiating the safe mode. When your PC runs in safe mode, only the essential drivers are loaded. You can then identify và disable the incorrect drivers.

Follow the steps below:

1. Restart your PC & pressF8upon startup.

2.Advanced Boot Optionswindow will appear

3.Select Safe Mode with Networkingamong mỏi the options.

4. Your PC will now boot in safe mode. Log in to lớn your trương mục.

5. PressWindows+Xvà then select Device Manager from the drop-down.

6. Double cliông chồng on Sounds, đoạn phim thẻ, & game controllers option. Right-clichồng on each of the individual drivers & cliông xã Disable device.

Image 1: Disable device with device manager

7. Repeat step 6 forother options.

8. After disable is completed, restart your PC.

9. Please kiểm tra if the error still appears.

10. If it doesn’t, it signifies that one of the drivers was causing the issue.

11. Enable the driver one-by-one và then kiểm tra if the issue persists. It will help you identify the driver that was causing the issue.

12. Re-install the faulty driver.

13. Restart your PC.

Method B. Initiate Clean Boot, Disable Faulty Applications và Run SFC scan

Clean boot allows you to lớn run only the essential applications on your PC và all the non-critical services are shutdown. You can then attempt a repair, disable faulty applications, and run the SFC scan to lớn identify & disable all faulty apps.

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Here are the steps to vị that:

1. PressWindows+Rkeys to start theRunprogram.

2. Entermsconfig& click OK.

3. Cliông xã onServicestab và uncheckHide all Microsoft servicesoption.

4. Clichồng theDisable allbutton.

5. Next, cliông xã on theStartuptab andopen Task Manager.

6. You will see all the open applications.

7. Select all the applications one by one and cliông xã onthe Disableall button.

Image 2: Disabling all services

8. Restart your PC.

9. After the restart, type Command Prompt in the tìm kiếm button & Run it as Administrator.

10. Enter the following commvà to run SFC program: sfc/scannow.

11. The scan will help you identify the faulty tiện ích.

10. Uninstall and re-install the faulty application.

Method C: Change Startup và Recovery Settings

If the above two methods don’t work, you can opt to change your startup & recovery settings. This can also fix the error. To vì chưng that, follow the steps below:

Right-click on This PC.Go to lớn Properties và cliông xã System Protection.Clichồng on Advanced tab và then click Startup & Recovery.Uncheck both the options (see image 3).Set Write debugging information to none (see image 3).Cliông chồng Ok
Image 3: Changing Startup và Recovery settings

Recovery of Data

The error Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown is often accompanied by loss of data. Suppose you are working on some essential files; the error pops up and shuts down your computer. This may make you thua all those important files.

If you over up losing your data due to this error, you can eacape this hassle with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows. It is a specialized class of software designed khổng lồ recover your lost/deleted data. You can use the software lớn recover all your files that were lost due to the error.

Watch the đoạn Clip here to lớn understand the step-by-step recovery process.

Pro Data Recovery Tips

a. Save the recovered files on a different location.

b. Go for a comprehensive scan (Deep Scan) if you cannot find your lost files.

c. Use thePĐánh Giá featurekhổng lồ see the files that are being scanned by the software. It will help you to identify the lost files quickly.

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Any error that can cause your computer to lớn suddenly shutdown can lead lớn many unwanted outcomes lượt thích loss of important data, system malfunction, & hardware damage (mostly due khổng lồ power surge incidents). One such error is Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. This blog sheds light on the causes of the error & offers you possible fixes. A professional data recovery software lượt thích Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows can help you recover the data you had lost due khổng lồ the error. It offers advanced recovery mechanisms lớn recover all your valuable data.


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