Vlc error unable to open mrl file: 6 quick & easy fixes

Have you experienced a VLC truyền thông media player error where you are unable khổng lồ open an MRL file? Are you trying to access a remotely located tệp tin in your VLC player but are unable lớn vày so? This article focuses on why your VLC player displays the error & what are the quiông xã và easy ways khổng lồ fix it.

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VLC is an open-source and miễn phí application by VideoLAN. It is one of the most popular media players today as it can tư vấn a lot of audio and video clip compression methods. Although VLC player is a solid performing software, sometimes, certain issues can occur that creates a lot of frustration for its users.

The VLC has yet khổng lồ fix the bug that is the cause of the “unable to open MRL” error. Therefore, we encourage you khổng lồ try our alternative sầu step by step fixes & figure out which one works best for you.

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What Is VLC Error Unable To Open MRL?


Let’s take a look at our top 5 fixes for the VLC unable khổng lồ open MRL error.

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Verify That The Media Source Is Working

The first thing you should vị is make sure that the remote truyền thông media source is working. To vày this:

mở cửa VLC player & clichồng on Media in the toolbarIn the Media drop-down thực đơn, click on Network StreamSelect the URL with which you are getting the error, right-click it, and clichồng Copyxuất hiện your web browser, go lớn its address bar, right-cliông chồng it, và cliông xã PasteCliông chồng Enter to access the URL to see if the media source is workingIf you can’t access the URL, it indicates a problem with the streaming hệ thống itself or the URL is incorrectUse another working URL và try to lớn open it with the VLC player và verify the fix

Update The VLC Media Player

Sometimes, a VLC truyền thông media player without the necessary updates can be the reason for the error. Therefore, you should always kiểm tra và confirm that you are using the updated version of the software. To update your VLC player:

mở cửa the VLC media playerClichồng on Help in the toolbarIn the Help drop-down thực đơn, clichồng Cheông chồng for updatesIf updates are available, click yesFollow the installation wizard to lớn install the downloaded VLC updatesAfter the updates are installed, restart your computerxuất hiện VLC player và verify that now you can open MRL files from remote & local sources

Allow VLC Through Media Defender Firewall

Most of the time, the common cause of VLC unable lớn open MRL error is due to the firewall settings on your computer. Third-tiệc nhỏ solution firewalls can block the essential VLC ports that it needs khổng lồ stream the remote source successfully. To allow VLC through a truyền thông defender forewall:

Open the Start Menu, và type in “Allow an app through windows firewall, and cliông chồng the resultCliông xã Change settingsCliông chồng Allow another ứng dụng and Cliông xã BrowseNavigate to lớn the VLC media player destination folderSelect the VLC.exe cộ tệp tin, and clichồng open, và cliông xã AddTichồng the private & public checkboxes next to lớn VLC & cliông chồng OKTry lớn open the remote file và check if the fix worked for you

Furthermore, you can completely turn off your firewall and antivi khuẩn & reload the tệp tin on your VLC player lớn solve the issue as well.

Clayên ổn File Ownership

Quite a few users were able to fix the “VLC error unable lớn open MRL” by claiming ownership of the media files. This method works for those users who experience the same error while trying khổng lồ open a local file. To do this:

Right-clichồng the file that is causing the VLC unable lớn open MRL error, and clichồng PropertiesIn the Properties Menu, Navigate khổng lồ the Security Tab and Click AdvancedClichồng the Change button at the top which is next to the Owner InformationCliông xã Advanced, & select “Find Now”Select Administrators và cliông chồng OKCliông xã OK again lớn save sầu the changesIn the Advanced security settings window, clichồng Apply and then click OK khổng lồ cthảm bại the Windows security settingsIn the Properties window, cliông chồng EditSelect Administrators & uncheck all of the checkboxes for each permission entry in the Deny columnCliông xã Apply & clichồng OKTry to lớn open the media tệp tin with the VLC media player and verify the fix

Reinstall The VLC Media Player

If all of the above-mentioned fixes failed lớn solve the issue, you can uninstall the VLC media player from your computer và install a fresh copy from the VLC trang web. To vị a fresh install:

Right-cliông xã the Start Menu Button và clichồng Apps and FeaturesLocate the VLC truyền thông player, select the application, & click UninstallCheông chồng the Delete preferences and cađậy checkbox và cliông xã Uninstallmở cửa your browser and download the VLC truyền thông player from “https://videolan.org/vlc”mở cửa the downloaded file, run the Setup wizard, & follow the installation instructionsReopen the tệp tin that is stored in a remote location và is causing the error. Verify that the VLC reinstallation has fixed the error



The VLC truyền thông player is a great software khổng lồ play or stream a Clip. We hope this guide helped you fix the “VLC error unable lớn open MRL”. However, you can always tương tác VLC support if further guidance is needed for the error. Good Luck!!

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