What is vantaiduongviet.vn?

vantaiduongviet.vn is the most effective way to lớn learn how to lớn type.

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It is website based và highly effective sầu. vantaiduongviet.vn is (& will always be) không tính tiền for both individuals and schools. There is an optional paid school edition.

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How Does it Work?

Keep practicing each lesson until you get all five stars. It really doesn"t take much lớn learn, a few minutes a day for one lớn two weeks & you will be a pro!

Do I need an account?

You vị not need khổng lồ create an trương mục. However, as you go through the lessons, you can create an optional protệp tin in order to save your progress.


It"s a game. An engaging and interactive sầu experience while you are learning how to lớn type.


Proper hand posture guide. Will show you the correct hand posture on every key as you type.


Levels, Badges và Stars. All the reasons to lớn keep you going, and build your muscle memory.


Accessibility. vantaiduongviet.vn is the most accessible typing program available.


Interactive sầu experience.

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A full range of experiences from games, videos và different typing challenges makes learning fun.


Voice over. Once you turn it on, every word is read out loud as you are typing each word.


Typing lesson plan for a standard Dvorak keyboard from beginner khổng lồ advanced. Includes games, videos & other interactive sầu lessons. Learn more.

Typing for Kids

Jungle Junior is a specialized lesson plan created with young learners in mind. Learn more.

Left & Right Hand

Typing lesson plan for learning how khổng lồ type with the right và left hand on a QWERTY keyboard. Learn more.

Going Solo

Lauren is nervous before her big flight demo. Join her and her helpful friend on a journey khổng lồ find the confidence she needs khổng lồ go solo. Learn more.

Ava và the Rabbit

Travel with Ava on a magical adventure as she explores her mysterious friend"s world, and learns more about her own in the process. Learn more.

Perfect Match

Join Alex on an out-of-this world journey as he helps his mysterious new friend get back home page. Learn more.


Students can learn touch typing with hundreds of lessons in Spanish, including games, videos & the entire student experience in Spanish. Learn more.


Students can learn touch typing with hundreds of lessons in French, including games, videos and the entire student experience in French. Learn more.

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Students can learn touch typing with hundreds of lessons in German, including games, videos & the entire student experience in German. Learn more.

The amazing

vantaiduongviet.vn School Edition

vantaiduongviet.vn School Edition is the most powerful và popular software used by teachers, schools và districts.

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