Tai game da bong 2014 tải xuống

Italy launches đoạn Clip game lớn promote tourism

In a bid lớn promote tourism, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italian MFA) has introduced a super interesting video clip game called, ITALY. Lvà of Wonders. With the introduction of this vide... more

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Parasite movie locations will leave your thrilled in Seoul

The Oscars in 2020 made history by awarding South Korean movie Parasite the best film (the first foreign movie to receive the honour), & now travellers around the world are hunting down its sho... more


Uttarakhand’s Khaliya Top might host winter games soon

Uttarkhand’s Munsiyari is a gem that not many have explored, and it would be apt to state that more coveted is the Khaliya Top here. An offbeat trek, away from all the touristy glare, it is much ... more


7 Game of Thrones characters who deserve a vacation!

The world of Game of Thrones is getting really interesting with every passing episode—people are coming back khổng lồ life, long forgotten or presumably dead characters are making a comebachồng, White Wal... more


Play at a board game café

If you are sichồng of staying at home & watching movies, but still want khổng lồ get together with friends & meet new people, why not visit one of Edmonton’s board game cafes. Embrace your inner or ou... more

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Visiting the locations from trò chơi of Thrones

What could be more exhilarating, than re-living epic magic at one site? But there is something as appealing. And that is alighting every now và again khổng lồ visit places entrenched in history, which... more

Take a Game of Thrones Tour

Chances are that you must have sầu seen the epic TV drama Game of Thrones. If you watch the series và are a big tín đồ, you must go for a Game of Thrones tour when you are in Dubrovnik. In fact, even i... more

Soon, đoạn Clip game-themed hotels to become a reality

Very soon, you might be able to lớn stay in video game-themed hotels. Recently, the đoạn Clip game pioneer, Atari, announced that it is planning to make its way into the hospitality business. As per the ... more

​Watch a Football Game at McMahon Stadium

Calgary sure loves its sports, from hockey in the winter to football in the summer. There is no better place to lớn feel like a local than at McMahon stadium when the Calgary Stampeders are playing a... more

Temple Church (The Da Vinci Code)

The fact that this book probably inspired a new wave of literary tourists doesn’t endear it khổng lồ me, but the beautiful Temple Church in London’s Temple Bar Complex has become a major attraction ove sầu... more



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