Lỗi scratch disks are full photoshop

The “scratch disks are full” error in Photoshop usually occurs when there’s no memory space available on your computer to store Photoshop’s temporary files. When this error comes up, Photocửa hàng either crashes or does not load at all.

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There are a few things you can vị lớn fix this “scratch disks are full” error in Photocửa hàng. This includes letting Photosiêu thị use more RAM & deleting the temporary files khổng lồ regain your memory space.


If you’d prefer lớn watch a đoạn phim, check out our YouTube channel where we made a short walk-through đoạn Clip showing some of the fixes mentioned below in our article.

Free-Up Memory Space On Your Computer

When the above error happens, the first thing to lớn bởi is clear all the junk files from your computer. This’ll free-up your memory space that Photocửa hàng can then use khổng lồ store temporary files.

Chechồng Your Storage On WindowsOpen the Settings phầm mềm.




It’ll show what nội dung is using what amount of space as well as offer recommendations khổng lồ free-up memory.

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Delete Photosiêu thị Temporary Files

Photosiêu thị creates & stores temporary files on your storage. These files can be safely deleted after you’ve closed Photoshop. This helps you regain some of your memory space.

Press the Windows + R keys at the same time to lớn open Run, type the following inlớn it, và press Enter.%temp%
When the temporary thư mục opens, find the files named Photoshop or PST.Right-cliông xã those files và select Delete.
On Mac, use Spotlight khổng lồ search for temporary files and delete them.

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Change The Scratch Disk On Startup

If you have sầu assigned multiple scratch disks khổng lồ Photosiêu thị, you can actually switch between them on Photoshop’s startup. This solution works great when Photoshop doesn’t open as a result of the “scratch disks are full” error.

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