It locates or it is located?

I am interested in a generic definition, but here is the sentence I was writing:

"The file is located at/in the images thư mục."



in would refer to lớn a container holding the object.

Bạn đang xem: It locates or it is located?

The pen lies in the box

at would refer khổng lồ the location of the object.

The box is at the shop

In your context, as the folder contains the tệp tin, therefore, use of in would be appropriate.

Of course, they, at times, can be used interchangeably (Thanks


Well, I will go with located in the folder here, which sounds more natural. Files are generally stored within the folder of a computer system, so the proposition in is more appropriate và accurate than at. the proposition at usually go with home/office/university/point/stage/time/... these words và so on, indicating where/when exactly things happen.

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"Located at" is wrong, & "located in" is not wrong, but I"m reluctant lớn gọi it correct because I find "The file is in the images folder" preferable khổng lồ "The tệp tin is located in the images thư mục." Also, if you are writing documentation (vs. speaking conversationally) write "File x is in the images folder"; that is, name a specific file in the sentence instead of depending on context or a previous reference.


The word "located" is superfluous in this context. Something is simply "in" a container or "at" at place. Saying "located at" is poor grammar in the same sense as "revert back".

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