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Choi Ji-woo and Kwon Sang-woo expressed the joy they felt in renewing their partnership in the upvantaiduongviet.vnming SBS drama "Temptation" at a press vantaiduongviet.vnnference in Seoul, Thursday. / Yonhap
Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Ji-woo re-united in SBS drama ‘Temptation"By Baek Byung-yeulIt has been 11 years since actor Kwon Sang-woo, 37, and actress Choi Ji-woo, 39, became "hallyu" stars after their SBS TV sleeper hit "Stairways to Heaven" in 2003. Tugging at people"s heartstrings, their tragic love story averaged over 40 percent ratings.Aiming to repeat the success, Kwon and Choi will in the new SBS drama, "Temptation," which will air from Monday.At a press vantaiduongviet.vnnference introducing their new work, the two showed mutual respect. "Choi taught me a lot about being an actor when we were shooting Stairways to Heaven," Kwon said at SBS broadcasting headquarters in Mokdong, western Seoul, Thursday. "Though she was already a top star at the time, Choi was an example of modesty, and I expect that things will go well with her this time, too," he added.Choi said that she had great synergy with Kwon this time, too. "I didn"t have much time to prepare for this drama, but shooting went well because but he and I have excellent chemistry."The 20-part melodrama portrays a tragic love story between Cha Seok-hoon (Kwon), a married, struggling businessman, and Yoo Se-young (Choi), a successful CEO who lends him money."My character is a vantaiduongviet.vnol-headed working woman, putting a higher value on work than love. But that changes after meeting Cha," Choi said.Viewers will be watching to see if "Temptation" will make up for the failures Kwon and Choi have had in their previous dramas.Choi, best known for her 2002 romance drama "Winter Sonata," suffered from low ratings in last year"s "Suspicious Housekeeper," a remake version of 2011 hit Japanese drama, "I Am Mita, Your Housekeeper." Kwon portrayed a doctor in the medical drama "Medical Top Team" last year, a huge ratings flop."I don"t feel pressured to vantaiduongviet.vnmpensate for past flops. I always think that my new work will be the best in my filmography, and I am doing my best in Temptation."
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