Top 5 Fixes To League Of Legends Critical Error

League of Legends (LoL) implements updates lớn add new content khổng lồ the game, as well as to lớn fix issues that are occurring to lớn the game’s system that could affect the players’ experience.

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But in 2018, after an update went live, a major problem showed up instead và since then became a part of LoL. It was the critical error which reads “A critical error has occurred và the process must be terminated.”

The good thing is, there are various ways how khổng lồ solve sầu it. Keep reading to know how you can fix the League of Legends critical error.

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Fix the League of Legends Critical Error by Updating your System
Fix the League of Legends Critical Error by Uninstalling & Reinstalling the Game
Fix the League of Legends Critical Error by Other Ways

Fix the League of Legends Critical Error by Updating your System

One way khổng lồ fix the LoL critical error is to lớn update your system. This does not necessarily mean that it’s just your OS, but also the other aspects that keep your game running.

You can update Windows or your graphics thẻ drivers lớn fix the critical error. Sometimes, keeping either one of these or both of these may be the cause why the error happens khổng lồ your system.

Fix the League of Legends Critical Error by Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Game


You may also uninstall League of Legends on your PC or laptop và eventually reinstall it to fix the critical error.

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If it is solved this way, then your game’s version could probably be the root cause of the error. It may be considered a major move, but it could be worth it.

Fix the League of Legends Critical Error by Other Ways

If the already mentioned ways are still not working, you may still try other options khổng lồ fix the critical error.

This includes restarting your PC or laptop, disabling the full-screen optimization and running LoL as Administrator, or having your firewall and antivirut disabled.

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